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The Health Benefits of Sobriety


1. Mental Focus and Clarity

Better mental health, in general, is one of the most obvious benefits of being sober. The less you fill your body with chemicals and toxins that aren’t supposed to be there–especially in excess, as it would be with addiction–the more you’ll notice your mental focus and mental clarity.

With nothing to cloud your mind and no addiction to affect your behavior, your brain has a chance to function at a higher level. You don’t wake up with hangovers, you don’t have fuzzy memories, and–the longer you maintain sobriety–your mentality shifts. You start to realize that being present is better than numbing reality.

2. Better Sleep Pattern

Sobriety is your body at its most natural state, so when you’re sober, your body goes back into a more regular rhythm. Instead of drinking until the early morning hours, you now give yourself a chance to rest earlier and get quality sleep.

The peace of mind that sobriety comes with also makes you less stressed and more able to get enough restful sleep at normal hours.

3. Optimal Health Level

As mentioned above, your body is at its most natural state when you’re sober.

Your body is detoxifying and cleansing itself while adjusting to operating free from addictive substances. With lifelong sobriety, you’re offering your body the chance to work efficiently. This doesn’t show only in your sleep pattern but also in other areas, such as mental focus or physical stamina.

Without drinking, your body will revert to its naturally balanced biochemical state. You may notice that your body currently functions at a much more optimal level.

4. Better Skin

When it comes to improving physical health, better skin is one of the most noticeable changes in most people.

People in recovery have a more radiant complexion than before. Their skin becomes clearer — and, in many cases, cleaner due to improved hygiene. Within the first six months of sobriety, most people undergo observable and positive changes in their skin.

5. Better Eating Habits

Some people in recovery consider getting over addiction as their first step to living a much healthier lifestyle. Post-treatment, you may develop a consistent exercise routine to get your mind off drinking. Following a healthy diet is similar to this. They’re both excellent ways to improve your health and also things you can focus on to fill in the gaps left by addiction in your life.

When you stop drinking, your body also becomes much less dehydrated. This lessens the chances of developing unhealthy food cravings. While eating healthier can help you stay sober, it’s also true that staying sober can help you eat healthier.

6. More Energy

Alcohol is a depressant, which makes you feel tired and slow. Without the constant effect of alcohol on your body, you have a lot more energy to work with. This energy can lead to healthier choices.

For example, you can eat healthier because you have the energy to cook dishes instead of ordering fast food.

7. Holistic Growth

Sobriety brings so much peace into your life. It allows you to become more aware and present. You understand and connect with yourself better.

When you’re sober, the entirety of who you are improves. Happiness is easy to come by when you’re doing good for yourself, looking better, feeling better, and functioning on a higher physical level.

8. You’ll Live Longer

If you stop drinking and taking drugs, you will be able to enjoy a longer life. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that chronic users of alcohol can cut their life expectancy by an average of 30 years if they continue drinking. In 2018, deaths from drug overdoses declined for the first time in 28 years, helping to raise overall life expectancy in the U.S., according to the CDC.

The body and brain are designed to heal. Your physical health will start to recover when you abstain from substance use. A longer life can mean more time to spend with loved ones, experience new things, and learn about yourself.

9. You’ll Feel Better

Along with living longer, you are going to feel better when you are sober. Many people with an active addiction have a hard time imagining living without drugs or alcohol, but once they get through the detox process and begin rehab, they find life can actually be enjoyable without substances.

When you stop using drugs and alcohol, you will start to feel better physically and emotionally over time. Substance use can numb your physical senses or heighten them to the point of being overwhelming. Without substances, many people in recovery report clearer thoughts and more vivid experiences of the world around them. Throughout the recovery process, you’ll also learn new skills and coping strategies to handle emotions and feelings constructively. You may find life is more enjoyable and manageable without the substances you once depended on.

10. Better Relationships

Many people living with addiction end up damaging relationships with the people they love. Fortunately, sobriety allows you to repair and improve some of your most important relationships. You will learn how to handle your own emotions, set healthy boundaries, and form true connections with others.

Sobriety helps prevent you from saying things you don’t mean, acting in ways you normally wouldn’t, and making poor decisions that negatively impact your relationships. Some recovery programs also have access to family therapy or support groups specifically for loved ones to help them cope as well.

11. You’ll Look Healthier

Drugs and alcohol can affect your appearance in negative ways. You may not have even realized that your skin is drier, your hair is more brittle and you simply don’t look as healthy as you used to. As your body begins to heal in rehab, so will your skin, teeth, and hair. While vanity may not be the best reason to get sober, the resulting change in your appearance is a nice bonus.

12. You’ll Save Money

You may not be aware of how much money you are spending on your addiction. Consider the total cost of drugs or alcohol, the irrational purchases, the misplaced money, the medical bills, and the legal expenses of getting yourself out of trouble to get the full picture of what your addiction is costing you from a financial perspective.

When you choose to get sober, all of that money stays in your bank account. Suddenly, you have more money to pay your bills, save for retirement, or even take a vacation. The cost of addiction treatment is always cheaper than the financial, physical, and mental price you pay by continuing to use drugs or alcohol.

13. You’ll Still Have Fun!

It might be difficult to believe this from where you’re sitting now, but recovery can be a lot of fun. Programs like 12-step meetings are not gatherings of depressed and angry people. Instead, you are likely to find yourself surrounded by new friends who make you smile and are eager to get together for a variety of social activities.

Without the burden of addiction, you won’t be forced to plan your life around your next drink or dose. Because you won’t be dealing with the effects of substances or spending hours seeking out drugs or alcohol, you’ll have plenty of time to devote to new hobbies, activities, and friends.

14. You’ll Grow Yourself

Recovery stories often have this in common: getting treatment and working on their addiction gave them more time, energy, and resources to grow themselves. Without dependence on drugs or alcohol, people in recovery are able to do more of the things they’ve always wanted to. They could learn a language or instrument, volunteer, travel, or become a better partner, parent, and friend. People dealing with a co-occurring disorder can work on that without the added strain substance use brings. With all the benefits to your mental and physical health, you’ll find it’s easier to work toward meeting new goals and improving yourself further.

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